2021.11.25 TCV Group joins hands with BPW Taiwan, TCV Medical System for 45th anniversary

▲John Wu (first from right), chairman of TCG, and Cheng Tsui-lien (first from left), vice chairman and president of BPW Taiwan Greater Kaohsiung Chapter, donate to the Jogues Elderly Care Center. (Courtesy of TCV Group)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — On the 45th anniversary of the founding of TCV Group (同喬集團), the Greater Kaohsiung Chapter of BPW Taiwan (台灣國際婦女職業協會) and TCV Medical System (同喬醫療系統) have donated 12,000 boxes (36,000 packs) of Brands’ (白蘭氏) “Essence of Chicken” to benefit the students of the National Junior High School baseball team in Kaohsiung, Tainan and Pingtung counties and the disadvantaged seniors in rural areas, to inject warmth and care into Taiwan’s society.

Michael Wu, chairman and founder of TCV Group, said that the 45th-anniversary donation campaign was planned as early as the first half of this year and the relevant recipient units were contacted, but the donation campaign was forced to stop when the epidemic continued to be tight.

▲Donation to Tainan Elementary School athletes. (Courtesy of TCV Group)

As the epidemic is under effective control, the Central Epidemic Command Center also relaxed the relevant control measures, so the donation was sent to the recipient units as soon as possible, hoping to provide nutrition for the needy elderly and baseball students in remote areas and to take care of their health.

In Kaohsiung City, the donation includes Kaohsiung City Council’s 110th winter joint donation/Chung Hsiao National High School baseball team and Gushan National Elementary School baseball team and Namaha District children, Jing Jue Senior Care Center, and Song Qiao Senior Care Center.

▲Cheng Tsui-lien (first from right), president of BPW Taiwan Greater Kaohsiung Chapter, donates to the Ministry of Health and Welfare’s Southern District Home for the Elderly. (Courtesy of TCV Group)

In Tainan City, the donation includes Huashan Foundation (Rendeh District, Guanmiao District, Guiren District, etc.) In Tainan City, there are: Huashan Foundation (Rendeh District, Guanmiao District, Guiren District, etc.), Tainan Elementary School and Rendeh Junior High School athletes in Rendeh District, as well as Shien Nursing Home, Delanyuan Nursing Home, and Tainan Private Wujia Nursing Home.

TCV Group understands that social and environmental sustainability is very important to the company and the communities in which it operates, and therefore the Group has always adhered to the spirit of “pursuing sustainable business development and fulfilling its corporate citizenship” to fulfill its social corporate responsibilities.

The group insists on operating with integrity, pursuing innovation, promoting a responsible supply chain and embodying the power of green, in the hope of bringing about social change and realizing our responsibility to society, and giving to society one step at a time.

▲Wu Yueh-rong Wu, special assistant of TCV Group’s medical system, donated to Huashan Foundation. (Courtesy of TCV Group)

TCV Group was founded in 1977 and is approaching its 45th year of operation. The Group has gradually expanded its business to include infant and toddler business, medical business, and medical equipment.

In 1998, we established TCV (Group) Medical System, which has set up medical buildings in Daliao District, Kaohsiung City and Rendeh District, Tainan City to serve and give back to the people. In the future, the company plans to invest in medical equipment and supplies to contribute to the prevention of epidemics, the company said.